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... Meridian School Governing Body

The 12 members of the Governing Body meet in full twice each term. There are also two committees, also meeting twice each term:

  • Standards
  • Finances, Premises, Personnel and Communication (FPPC)

Although they play no direct role in education, governors are active in the school,leading strategy, developing policies, analysing statistics, planning school improvements, supporting the headteacher and staff and holding the headteacher to account for performance.

Current governors

Name Type Role(s)
Peter Newton Co-opted Chair of Governors
Local Authority
Carole Etchie Ex-Officio Headteacher
FPPC, Standards
Roger Thorogood Co-opted Standards
Stephen Mallinson Co-opted FPPC
Lisa Ling Co-opted FPPC
Rachel Mikelson Co-opted FPPC, Safeguarding
Jo Hamilton Parent Vice Chair of Governors
Yogendra Parmar Parent FPPC
Judith Brown Parent  
Anna Edwards Parent  
Maxine Senior Staff  
Vacant Co-opted  

The Clerk to the Governors is Lynne Crichton.

Past governors

The following have now stepped down as governors or reached the end of their term:

  • Sabine Edwards - Parent Governor, appointed November 2013, resigned February 2017
  • Chris Westgarth - Local Authority Governor, appointed September 2013, resigned November 2016
  • Haydn Sofflet - Staff Governor, appointed September 2015, resigned June 2016
  • Angela Mortier - Parent Governor,appointed March 2015, resigned July 2016
  • Zoe McKeown - Co-opted Governor, resigned January 2016
  • Mary Barnard was Acting Head and consequently ex-officio governor in February and March 2016 while Carole Etchie was on maternity leave.

None of these had any relevant business or pecuniary interests or other potential conflicts of interest.

Meridian Primary School has 12 governors, responsible for the strategic direction of the school in accordance with the law.  It is mainly elected and is accountable to the pupils, parents, employees and local community.

The governors are led by a Chair and Vice Chair and supported by a Clerk.

Governor details, attendance and curriculum responsibilities can be downloaded by clicking the buttons below.

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