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... organisation of Meridian School

The Headteacher Carole Etchie has overall responsibility for the organisation and management of Meridian School.  She is supported by teachers, learning assistants, office staff and the site manager.

School lunches are provided under contract by Lunchtime UK.


  • Alison Shepperson
  • Juliana Mandra
  • Anna Holmes
  • Paul Jones
  • Emma Rapley
  • Rebecca Sands
  • Maxine Senior
  • Nicola Sikyta
  • Haydn Sofflet
  • Claire Sofflet

Learning assistants

  • Sharon Asplen
  • Nikki Cridland
  • Nadine Cummings
  • Kathy Gray-Smith
  • Lisa Ling
  • Gill Millard
  • Debbie More
  • Carrie Spight
  • Suzanna Tarring
  • Tita Tsiropoulou
  • Mel Wilson

Office and Site Staff

  • Mei Gao
  • Paul Linsdell
  • Sandra Parish
  • Ann Webb

Lunchtime Assistants

  • Kathy Gray-Smith
  • Sandra Parish
  • Nikki Cridland
  • Jenny Pemble
  • Nadira Fernando
  • Alison Semerene
  • Lindsey Smith
  • Sophie Smith

As well as employed staff, the Meridian School working community includes lunchtime assistants, cleaners, the kitchen staff and a number of voluntary workers.

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