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... our approach to learning and teaching

Our school stands by our strap headline Learning for Life. This is a bold statement. We are a learning community and striving for excellence in all that we do.

In the seven years children spend with us, we are there toinspire, impart, facilitate and value learning; encourage good relationships and compassion for others; and build confident children to grow and embrace challenges and challenge others.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced to allow children the opportunity to access knowledge while learning skills. We have used the national curriculum and our expertise to map out the key skills in each subject area. These ensure that we develop both coverage and progression in the curriculum for KS1 and KS2.

We have built these milestones into engaging and thought provoking topics, enriched with our drivers below.

We also still teach discrete maths and English in every class.

What makes our curriculum different?

We place high value on the following key ‘R’ words to help us plan, deliver and explore depths of topics and excite our learning as individuals and learning as a community. 

✓  Respectful Relationships

✓  Reflection

✓  Resourcefulness

✓  Research

✓  Resilience

Each topic must incorporate these ‘R’s as part of the learning journey of every topic. You will find evidence of the ‘R’s on your walk around the school, in books and through taking to the children.

All our topics start with a ‘big question’ and have an engaging title. Children are encouraged to develop their research beyond the classroom in every year group.

We are continuing to develop our curriculum to ensure it is interesting to captivate children’s imagination and stimulating their intellect. Above all, we aim to ensure we are continuing to raise standards in all areas, academically and socially for all our children.

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