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... how to apply to Meridian School

Meridian School follows the policies and criteria set by Cambridgeshire County Council.

To apply for a place, please conact the local authority admissions team. This is outlined in our Admission's Policy (see Policies page).  There is further information from the Council on their admissions website.

Please note in particular the following points:

  1. Meridian is a popular school so make sure you apply in good time.
  2. Whilst children in the catchment area (Comberton, Toft, Eversdens) take priority, there is no guarantee of a place at Meridian School.
  3. There is no automatic enrolment - parents and carers need to apply by 15th January for entry in September.

The admissions process is intended to be fair and cannot be influenced by staff at Meridian School.  We strongly advise all parents to study our policy and the information on the Council's website.

Before coming to Meridian many children go the one of the village nursery schools or playgroups, for example Comberton Playgroup.

Most children then go on to Comberton Village College - a highly successful secondary school with a recently completed sixth form.

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