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Sports Premium

... extra funding for sports and PE


At Meridian School, our quality provision for physical education, sports and games are key considerations in our curriculum design and pupil enjoyment.

Meridian children are encouraged to participate in sports and other physical activities as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes promoting physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being.

Every year the Government provides additional funding to drive sporting excellence and supplement physical education (PE) in primary schools. The spirit of the funding is to introduce a huge variety of sports into schools and to seek out the next champions for the future in sporting competitions.


The children at Meridian are now very active, both during the day with lunchtime activities for both Key Stages and after school, with many taking advantage of the sports clubs at school, as well as attending out of school clubs both in and out of the school grounds. There has been a noticeable change in the children who attended Change4Life Club who have said that they enjoy exercise a lot more now and that their diet is healthier than it used to be.

The school is now entering many more competitions than it has in the past, and all children in all year groups go out of school for at least one sporting event each year. In Key Stage 2 there are several competitions that all or some children enter, such as cross country, mini red tennis, kwik cricket, Quicksticks hockey, netball, football and Quadkids (athletics) as well as the annual Year 4 Mini Olympics and the Hilltop Outdoor and Adventurous week in Year 5.

In addition to a successful football team, we are starting to specialise in netball and tennis. In the past two years, we have reached the Level 3 School Sports tournaments. Last year we entered, and won, the first Adapted Multi Sports Competition as part of the School Games and we also formed a Year 5 and 6 girls’ football team to play against a local school. In February this year we came 3rd in the South Cambridgeshire Gymnastics competition and we are entering the Quicksticksand Netball tournaments in March.

As a result of our increased attention to PE and sports and increased participation in School Games, we have been awarded a Bronze Quality Mark from the Youth Sport Trust.


We are spending the Physical Education and Sports Premium in a variety of ways in order to have a lasting impact on the children and the school. We are introducing new sports, givingextra PE teaching skills to the staff and providing extra equipment in order to encourage all children to lead active and healthy lifestyles now and in the future.

Last year, we hired a coach to teach squash to the whole of Key Stage 1 and 2 and we will do the same next year. This was a great success as the children really enjoyed playing a new sport and the staff were able to observe and learn from the lessons. We now have some squash equipment so we are able to use what we learnt and allow the teachers to do squash sessions. Years 3 and 4 had a mini tournament in their classes and Years 5 and 6 went up to the Squash Club, culminating in a tournament played on the courts there. Many children from Key Stage 2 attended the holiday Squash Club day that was held at the Squash Club and it has led some children to join the Squash Club. We have also brought in sports specialists, observed by teachers, to teach Football, and sessions in Archery and Tri-Golf.

We have also introduced a Balanceability course for the whole of Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, as well as trialling a Bikeability Plus course for the whole school, aimed at making sure that as many children as possible are able to have the key skill of being able to ride a bike.

Teachers and TAs from throughout the school have been on courses ranging from Fundamentals of Movement and Key Skills to specific sports, including swimming, games and tennis. The PE Co-ordinator has also attended the Local Network Meetings as well as a day on inclusion in PE.

We have a Silver Level subscription to South Cambridgeshire School Sports Partnership, and make full use of the benefits this provides, including courses, entry to competitions and advice.

We have bought new equipment in the areas in which we have been lacking and updated some equipment, such as new netball nets, a full set of tag rugby equipment and new mats for gymnastics in order that the delivery of PE can be improved and extended. We have also installed a climbing wall in the school grounds, which is very popular at break time. The tennis courts next to the school have been painted with Mini Red size courts so that children are able to practise after school, contributing to our recent success in the Cambridgeshire Mini Red Tennis tournaments.

We have also used the money to help run a Change4Life Club, in which children participate in a variety of physical activities and discussions on staying fit and healthy. We are planning to paint the playground with lines that will be useful for a variety of sports.

Report and plan

Click the link below to download the Sports Premium report for 2015-2016 and plan for 2016-2017.

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