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School Council

... where children advise school leadership

Roles and responsibilities

There are representatives from each class (four from year 6 and two from each of the other classes). 

Chairpersons and secretaries/treasurers are elected from year 6. 

The older children are mentors to the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children.  They discuss current topics with them and make sure they have a ‘voice’.  Freedom of speech is encouraged.

The chairpersons lead the meetings and the secretaries take the minutes which are then shared with Mrs Etchie, Head Teacher.  The children’s input is valued and will often be used to inform her in decision-making for the school.

Mrs Etchie asks the councillors for their opinions on a range of subjects. Councillors also have a class-book so that they can jot down any concerns etc. raised by their classmates.  They can then share these at meetings.  


In session


School council update May 2017

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