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Years 1/2 - Cherry Class

Class teachers Mrs Alison Shepperson and Mrs Nicola Sikyta

Class overview

Welcome to Cherry Class. We are a lovely mix of year 1 and 2 children running in parallel to Apple Class which is next door. Mrs Shepperson teaches the class on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Mrs Sikyta will be teaching all day on Thursdays. We have our wonderful TA, Mrs Moore supporting small groups and individual children during the mornings. 



As Key Stage one children, Cherry class are expected to develop their learning behaviours and settle into a responsible learning pattern. We take the National Curriculum as the basis of our learning and tailor it to the different requirements of the children in the class. To find out more about what we are learning this term, you can download the topic web using the link on the right hand side of the page.

Homework will be given out on Fridays. There is no requirement to bring anything to school from the homework, it is given to support the children in the class, to embed the learning we have done in the week and to prepare the children for the next week. A reading book and a library book will be sent home on Friday together with a reading record booklet. These need to be returned by Wednesday so that they can be exchanged for new books.

Life in Cherry Class

Cherry Class are friendly, helpful and enthusiastic. We all are keen to share our ideas and show what we can do. We are working on settling quickly to our learning and to develop our independent learning styles. We love to show interesting objects to one another and we love reading aloud to the rest of the class.

We have 'Show and Tell' time on a Wednesday afternoon.  Please encourage your child to tell about or bring in items related to the topic, a recent achievement, e.g. certificate/trophy, recent birthday or favourite book.  As our time is limited some weeks there will not be enough time for all of them so we will keep a record of the names and ask them to bring it back the following week.  Also, if they show one week then they will not be able to show again the following week.  

PE days are Tuesdays (outdoor) and Thursdays (indoor) so please ensure your child has suitable clothing especially for outdoor PE including trainers, long bottoms and jumpers/fleeces/hoodies during the Autumn/Winter months and if your daughter comes to school in tights, please don't forget to send them in with extra PE socks! Thank you!

Supporting your child

There are so many ways to support your child's success. Reading with your child is a great way to start. Ask them questions about what they are reading and what the story means.

In maths we are going to work on our problem solving skills and our mental maths mastery along with the skills we need to succeed in maths. The mental maths mastery skills was sent home recently but will soon be available below. If you would like to help your child in their mathematics the school written calculation policy will also be linked to below.

Cambridge is full of museums, which are loaded with opportunities to practise research skills and develop curiosity. We are always interested in exciting places the children have been and opportunities they have had.

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