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Year 3 - Maple Class

Class teacher - Miss Rebecca Sands

Class overview

Welcome to our Maple Class page. We are a hard working bunch, who are all enthusiastic learners. You can find us across the courtyard area from Reception, next to Birch Class.

In Year 3, we are so lucky to have lots of adults to support us. Miss Sands is our class teacher, although she is not in class on Monday or Thursday afternoons. Mrs Millard works with us on Tuesday and Friday mornings, as well as Monday afternoons, when she teaches us Religious Education. Mrs Holmes teaches us DT and PSHE on Thursday afternoons.


Please be aware that our outdoor PE day is Wednesday. Children need a PE kit, complete with trainers and trousers or a jacket.

Our indoor PE day is Friday.


As the first year of Key Stage Two, Year Three children are expected to develop their independent working behaviours and become a little more responsible for their own learning. They have access to their own library tickets, so can choose books that they are interested in and that will challenge their skills.

We learn in a variety of different ways in Year 3, taking our direction from the National Curriculum. You can find out more about what Maple Class will be up to on our Topic Web, ready to download on the right hand side of this page.

Our Science curriculum is particularly special, because we are lucky enough to be supported by our STEM Ambassador, Dr Mortier! It has been wonderful so far to learn from her scientific skills and methodology, and to use a range of equipment and resources we wouldn't usually have access to. Thank you, CVC!

We are also lucky enough to have the use of 15 Chess sets, and play for thirty minutes each week. We are developing so many skills here, including problem solving, sportsmanship, mentoring, evaluating our performance, working with data, reading coordinates, and so many more!

Life in Maple Class

Maple Class are a keen, friendly and resilient community, who all work together to support one another. We make learning fun by showing what we know in a range of different ways, from making speeches, to playing games, to writing stories and solving calculations. We are working particularly hard at our partner and group talk, too, because we know that we have so much to learn and teach each other!

Supporting your child

There are so many ways to support your child's success. Curling up with a book in the evening is always a good way to start, and there are some great inference questions available from Miss Sands to help start book discussions.

Our weekly spellings are vitally important and need to be learned at home. Mrs Millard goes through the spelling rule with us before she hands them out, so we know what to focus on.

We'll be working on our 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables this year. In addition, a mental maths mastery sheet for Year 3 has also been given out to all parents - more are available - to let you know the skills children need to have for Maths to help them further up the school.

Cambridge is full of museums, which are loaded with opportunities to practise research skills and develop curiosity. We are always interested in exciting places the children have been and opportunities they have had!


Spellings are given out by Mrs Millard every Monday and tested the following week. Children are given two copies of the spelling list: one to keep in their tray, to practise during quiet moments in the school day, and another set to take home.

For 15th May

breath, breathe, complete, consider, interest, minute, often, promise, question, separate


Homework is given out every Friday and is due in again on Wednesday. They can expect Spellings, Maths work and usually a Literacy or Topic-based activity. They are also expected to read roughly ten pages a day, five days a week. Children should not be working more than an hour and a half a week on their assigned task, although any extra research or practise they fancy is always warmly welcomed.

Welcome to Maple Class

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