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Year 6 - Oak Class

Class teacher Mrs Claire Sofflet

Class overview

Welcome to our Oak Class page.  We are taught in the Lee buiding. There are 31 children in our class.
Mrs Sofflet teaches us everyday except Thursdays when Mrs Millard takes over from 11:50am for the rest of the day. Teaching assistants who support in class during the week are Mrs Wilson, Mrs Gray-Smith (Cathy), Mrs Cummins (Nadine), Mrs Asplen, Mrs Tsiropoulou (Tita) and Mrs Spight. Those with brackets after their names are known to us by their first names. Mrs Smith (Lyndsey) kindly volunteers to help in class with Spanish learning.


We are going to learn about some very exciting topics this year. Each will have a Geography, History or Science focus. Please see the topic plan for more details.

This half term's main topic is 'Fair Trade'. We will also be continuing the transfer process to secondary school. Teachers from the secondary schools will be visiting us and we will have oportunities to vist our new schools. For more information about learning in all areas of the curriculum this half term please see the curriculum overview.

Life in Oak Class

In Oak Class we are keen to learn and make progress. We aim to be well prepared for the move to Secondary School next September. We work hard but also know how to have fun! We enjoy all the curriculum subjects and are a very creative bunch! We love to read and be read to. We can work independently but there are many oportunities for us to work collaboratively too. We support each other and the children and staff in our classroom make a great team!

Supporting your child

Homework is sent home on a Friday and is due back in by the following Wednesday. Spellings are sent home by Mrs Millard on a Thursday and we will be tested on the words the following Thursday. It will really help us if we practise our spellings and times tables every week!

We are expected to practise our reading everyday by reading at least 10 pages. It helps us if parents talk to us about what we are reading. For fiction texts, we could discuss the genre, plot, characters, endings, language used etc. For non-fiction texts, examples of things we could talk about include the type of text, its purpose, audience and structure.

PE Kit is needed on Mondays and Fridays. However, it is best if we have a kit available on our pegs all week in case the timetable needs to change.



Oak Class News

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